Lollipop Manufacturer Develops Candy Drinking Straws

Squire Boone Village is well known in the candy industry for manufacturing Rock Crystal Candy and lollipops sold in theme parks, tourist attractions and specialty candy stores across the nation. With the development of LolliStraws™, the company is destined to be well known in the restaurant, bar and nightclub industry as well.

For two years, Squire Boone Village has been in the research and development stage, attempting to do a simple thing no other candy manufacturer has been able to accomplish in all of candy-making history — make a colorful, striped, hard candy stick with a hole down the center. With LolliStraws™ candy straws, that seemingly impossible goal has been accomplished, and Squire Boone Village has introduced a product that is a delightful addition to any kind of drink from cocktails to milk shakes to iced coffees. LolliStraws™ are so unique and the manufacturing process so proprietary that two separate patents are pending.

LolliStraws™ have several advantages over conventional, plastic straws. Not only do they function as a drinking straw, they add color and flair to any specialty beverage or cocktail. LolliStraws™ also add flavor and sweeten a beverage as it is consumed. LolliStraws™ can turn a cola into a cherry cola, a martini into an appletini, or a vanilla shake into a delectable caramel-vanilla shake. LolliStraws™ are a “green” product because the entire straw is edible. And best of all, after the drink is gone, the straw becomes a delicious candy treat for dessert.

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